Luca Santese (IT, 1985) & Marco P. Valli (IT, 1989)
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33 years after Diego Maradona made miracle happen in SCC Napoli’s last big win, this club won the Italian football championship again

On June 4th, 2023, when SCC Napoli won the Italian football championship, crowds streamed through the streets to celebrate this amazing symbolic event. Those living in Naples have an intense everlasting love for their city and their football club, a passion shared by Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli who, on the very same day, published a photo diary of the weeks of games that built up to this new victory.

Possessed by the same holy ‘malatì’ (‘madness’ in English), the two photographers pay tribute to Naples’ icons, its history, and inhabitants. They reinterpret a vast repertoire of images in a chaotic, daring, reckless, elusive visual game–somewhat like a scooter hurtling through the city’s narrow alleys in the middle of the night.

Luca Santese et Marco P. Valli, from the series Malatì, 2023 © Luca Santese, Marco P. Valli

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