My Name is Fuzzy (CH, 1984)
18:00 → 01:00
D – MCBA Entrance

Fasten your seatbelt for a solo groovy ride!

For ten days during the spring of 2022, musician Bastien Bron – aka My Name is Fuzzy – zigzagged the French-speaking part of Switzerland in a small electric car from the 1990s. He set off to meet other Swiss artists, with whom he recorded and filmed disco covers of songs about cars.

The vehicle’s limited battery range inspired the artist to focus the project on the local region: all the participating artists were less than 50 km apart. The little car was then transformed into a mini ‘disco for one’, where you can sit back and choose your tune, just like a video jukebox on wheels. 

My Name is Fuzzy, Autodisco © Romain Do

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