Nothing Personal–the back office of war

Nothing Personal–the back office of war

Nikita Teryoshin (1986)
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Can a machine gun defend peace?

Every day, the media show us pictures of war and destruction. Year after year, expenditure on weapons and military equipment is setting new records. In Nothing Personal–the back office of war, photographer Nikita Teryoshin plunged behind the scenes, into the exact opposite of a battlefield: an oversized playground for adults, with drinks, finger food and friendly handshakes.

Here the dead bodies are dummies or pixels. Bazookas and machine guns are plugged into flatscreens. Military action is staged in an artificial environment in front of podiums filled with VIP guests such as ministers, heads of state, high-ranking officers, brokers, and traders. Nikita Teryoshin took his pictures across several continents to highlight the global aspect of this devastating business.

Nikita Teryoshin, from the series Nothing Personal, 2016-2023 © Nikita Teryoshin

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