The Cat Scan

The Cat Scan

Jon Hanford (US)
22:00 → 01:00
5 – Screen

‘Got a cat? Got a scanner? The choice is clear.’

As an electronics engineer, cinematographer and producer of educational media, when it comes to film and design, Jon Hanford is definitely versatile. His many unusual projects include a page he opened on Tumblr in 2012. The Cat Scan is not just another page on cats–it invites users to scan their cats and then share those images. Over the years, Jon Hanford has received thousands of scans of cats from all over the world.

Riding the wave of 'lolcats', the comic effect of repetition soon made The Cat Scan an unmissable web destination and even a true archive of digital culture. Images received anonymously and presented as a slide show have now become an art piece co-created by thousands of paws. 

Anonyme, from the project The Cat Scan, 2012-2024 © Jon Hanford

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