Cyanotype workshop

Cyanotype workshop

Passerelle Culturelle
18:00 → 23:00
B – East Arcade

Try out the cyanotype early photographic printing process!

Passerelle Culturelle’s trainees and photographer Christelle Boulé propose a creative workshop! The aim: to develop a photograph taken with your smartphone into a cyanotype, an ancient photographic process that produces a cyan-blue print.Duarte, Demirhan, Marco, Abigaël, Louis, Tomas, and Alessandro will welcome and help you during the workshop!  

Passerelle Culturelle offers training tailored to the needs of young people who have an interest in culture and display particular skills that call for an unconventional study path. This training then allows them to join public or private cultural institutions.  

A project made possible by the support of Retraites Populaires

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