Bring Your Own Beamer

Bring Your Own Beamer

22:00 → 01:00
2 – Screen
Meet the artist

Photographers of near. are projecting a myriad of images!

Presented by the photographers of near., Bring Your Own Beamer brings together twenty-eight projects focusing on the themes of nature, artefacts and identity.

The near. association was founded in Lausanne in 2009 to promote contemporary photography by organising events set around four main objectives: to disseminate the work of Swiss and Swiss-based photographers; to enable continuous cultural exchange between regions and among professionals in the field of photography; to actively contribute to critical thinking on the subject of contemporary photography; and to promote Swiss photography to a wider audience.


The Photographers

Tiziana Amico, Graziella Antonini, Yann Amstutz & Audrey Guiraud, Thomas Annaheim Lambert, Zoé Aubry, Rebecca Bowring, Aline Bovard Rudaz, Delphine Burtin, Margaux Corda, Marie-Pierre Cravedi, Matthieu Croizier, Ankita Das, Tomasz Fall, Matthias Forster, Anne Gabriel-Jürgens, Yann Haeberlin, Fabian Hugo, Emilien Itim, Khashayar Javanmardi, Stephen Kelly, Yann Laubscher, Arthur Lehmann, Samuel Matzig, Cécile Monnier Laurence Rasti, Nora Rupp, Roxana Savin and Mihai Sovaiala.

Nuit des images

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