Set and Setting

Set and Setting

Tamara Janes
18:00 → 01:00
Photo Elysée

Set and Setting presents the first institutional solo show of Swiss artist Tamara Janes, awarded the Swiss Design Prize in 2023 for the Copyright Swap series

Janes is fascinated by how we see, question, and change the post-modern conditions of the image. She addresses these issues by utilising a unique blend of high-culture and popular culture sources that captivate audiences and humorously expose both profound and mundane aspects of contemporary visual culture.

A large part of the exhibition shows bodies of work she made after researching the New York Public Library Picture Collection in 2018. It acts as a source of images for her, which she later organizes, adjusts, recontextualizes and modifies based on her artistic preferences. Tamara Janes was awarded the Swiss Design Prize in 2023 for her Copyright Swap series.

Tamara Janes, from the series Copyright Swap, 2023 © NYPL Picture Collection Folder Halloween

Images Vevey is simultaneously presenting the series Funny Snow Face, created by Tamara Janes and Natalia Funariu at L’Appartement – Espace Images Vevey, from 7 September to 3 November 2024.

Biennale Images Vevey, from September 7 to 29, 2024

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