Video Poems for Your Tiny Screen

Video Poems for Your Tiny Screen

Maria Guta (RO, 1983) & Lauren Huret (FR, 1984)
22:00 → 01:00
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'We feed on images. We are images.'

Artists Maria Guta and Lauren Huret often work together, united by their shared fascination for images from pop culture and Hollywood movies. This series of six videos shapes a short manifesto of the way they perceive the world and their identities as women and artists.  

Produced exclusively with smartphones, pre-existing clips, and editing software, their scenes immerse viewers into an unnerving feeling of ‘déjà vu’. Initially created with social networks in mind, these appropriations are now being presented in large format. Can images travel just as well from our smartphone screens to museum walls? 


Attention : Legal age 16 years, suggested age 16 years

Maria Guta & Lauren Huret from the project Video Poems For Your Tiny Screen © Maria Huret & Lauren Huret


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