Scientific and Cultural Project

This Scientific and Cultural Project (SCP) - in French Projet scientifique et culturel - for Photo Elysée was desired by Tatyana Franck, the museum's director from 2015 to 2022, with a view to prefiguring its future within the new building it will share with the Cantonal Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts (mudac) at Plateforme 10.

Photo Elysée 2020-2025

As part of its move to Plateforme 10, Photo Elysée has set itself the goal of synthesizing in a single unifying document, drafted in collaboration with all of its teams, a historical assessment, the current vision and the new developments to be implemented. This document is the result of numerous "inspiration days", team meetings and bilateral meetings (from 2017 to 2020) which have fed into a collective or individual work of redefining the identity, the role, the missions and the actions of the museum.

At the same time, a rebranding of Photo Elysée was undertaken with a specialized agency in order to re-evaluate its positioning, name and logo, taking into account this document written beforehand. Of course, the developments outlined in this document are working hypotheses and reveal the ideal towards which the museum and its teams would like to project themselves. They are therefore to be planned over the next five years - and even beyond - and to be based on new human and budgetary resources.

This CSP is structured in successive chapters corresponding to Photo Elysée's major divisions: Scientific Division (Collections, Preventive Conservation and Restoration, Exhibitions, Books and Editions Departments), Technical and Museography Division, Public Division (Public and Mediation Departments, Communication, Patronage and Fundraising, Innovation), and Administration Division: Accessibility, Inclusion, Transmission, Sharing, Innovation, Digital, Eco-citizenship and Sustainable Development.

In keeping with its commitment to transparency and responsibility, the museum has also decided to share this Scientific and Cultural Project with its supervisory bodies and supporters, and to make it public to its cultural partners in Lausanne, Vaud and Switzerland, and especially to its current and future audiences, through an online version accessible on its website.


Project direction: Tatyana Franck, Directror (2015-2022)
Coordination and editing: Marc Donnadieu, Chief Curator
September 2020