Plateforme 10

The reunion of the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (MCBA), Photo Elysée and mudac, together with the Toms Pauli and Félix Vallotton foundations, forms a new 25,000 m² arts district in the heart of the city of Lausanne.

Lausanne's art district

Plateforme 10 is home to the three cantonal museums of Vaud - Photo Elysée, mudac and MCBA - as well as the collections of the Toms Pauli and Félix Vallotton foundations. The esplanade of Plateforme 10 is a real Lausanne neighborhood, with three restaurants with terraces - Le Nabi, Arcadia Restaurant and Café Lumen - two bookstores and arcades.


The only institution entirely dedicated to design in French-speaking Switzerland, mudac's program includes the discovery of designers or graphic artists through monographic exhibitions, or exhibitions that question the public on contemporary social themes. This program demonstrates mudac's interest in the world in which it is situated and in the wide range of issues that the term design itself can encompass.

The diversity of the points of view of each project has enabled mudac to assert itself both on the national and international scene by proposing its exhibitions to its counterparts. Europe and Asia have thus been able to discover exhibitions made in mudac on numerous occasions. Open to collaborations of all kinds, mudac is regularly associated with the various universities in French-speaking Switzerland. It likes to publish its research through the catalogs it publishes, in which numerous invitations are extended to researchers from all disciplines. RADDAR, the first Swiss design research journal, is also a tool for the mudac to disseminate the major questions raised by this rich medium.

Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (MCBA)

The Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (MCBA) is the first museum to open its doors on the Plateforme 10 site in 2019, in a setting that aims to foster the best possible relationship between the person and the work: a priority for the institution. The architecture does not compete with the art, which it wants to enhance. The restaurant, bookstore-boutique, auditorium, specialized library, and mediation workshop are all tools that extend the visit of each and every one and encourage exchanges.

The MCBA's collection comprises some 11,000 works, and its reputation, both nationally and internationally, is based on five major collections: the Abraham-Louis-Rodolphe Ducros (1748-1810), Charles Gleyre (1806-1874), Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen (1859-1923), Félix Vallotton (1865-1925), and Louis Soutter (1871-1942) collections.

Fondation Plateforme 10

Fondation Plateforme 10 is a foundation supported by the State of Vaud. Its main mission is to manage and foster three cantonal museums, MCBA, mudac, and Photo Elysée, while developing all of the functions, infrastructure, activities, and events that make up the Plateforme 10 site.