Muscon 2023

The annual meeting of muscon - Museum Network Conferences, with over 100 participants representing some of the world's leading cultural institutions, has just come to a close at Plateforme 10. An opportunity to identify upcoming cultural trends.

The program included three days of meetings and discussions with institution representatives, visits to mudac's "Cosmos" and "Terra/Terre plate" exhibitions, and a trip to Chillon Castle.

Nathalie Herschdorfer, director of Photo Elysée, spoke about the circulation of exhibitions and works of art at a time when, more than ever, exchanges and partnerships need to be thought through from an ecological and sustainable perspective.

Since 1996, the Vitra Design Museum has organized the muscon international conference in cooperation with local hosts that change every year. The aim of this conference is to promote the international exchange of traveling exhibitions and other collaborative initiatives between museum professionals and decision-makers. The muscon network has brought together several hundred institutions and made a significant contribution to a productive exchange of traveling exhibitions in the international museum landscape.

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The shop's Christmas selection

The holidays are fast approaching, and we've got you covered!

A varied Christmas selection of photographic books and design objects awaits you in the Photo Elysée and mudac bookshop.

Photographic books

  • Patti Smith, Une saison en enfer, Arthur Rimbaud, 1873, Gallimard
  • À l'est, du nouveau, Kometa, No1 / Imperialism
  • Alexa Brunet, Felix Tréguer, Odyssée 2.0, Le bec en l'air
  • F&D Cartier, JOURNAL singulier RAYONMAN, Art & fiction
  • Paolo Roversi, Des oiseaux, Atelier EXB

Design objects

  • Christmas bauble, Magma, Antoine Fœglé and Emma Pflieger (Keep it Flat - Space is the place exhibition) CIAV Meisenthal special edition
  • Longchamp bag × mudac
  • Porcelain pieces, Hello! Help! series, Sylvie Godel, Lausanne artist and ceramist.
  • Satellite vase, Shizuka Saito, available in blue or yellow (to be confirmed)
  • Canards du Léman scarf, Maison & Maison, reissued 2023 for mudac

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Ella Maillart at the Musée Rath

Through a selection of photographs, articles, books and documents, this exhibition invites visitors to rediscover Ella Maillart's exceptional career. Sportswoman, traveller, lecturer and journalist, she never ceased to defend her vision of "world unity".

Much more than a tribute, and far from nostalgic commemorations, this exhibition also aims to create new intergenerational dialogues and to consider the human being in its individual as well as collective complexity.

Anne-Julie Raccoursier and Pauline Julier, two artists with very distinct personalities, take up the challenge: avid travelers themselves, their approaches, oscillating between reality and fiction, in turn deconstruct clichés.

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