Urbain Altéré

Urbain Altéré

Pascal Greco (CH/IT, 1978)
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Pascal Greco unveils immersive images taken in imaginary neighbourhoods of video games

With his project entitled Urbain Altéré, Pascal Greco furthers his exploration of in-game photography using video games’ popular 'photo mode' to capture artistic stills of gameplay. This feature offers the same options as a real camera, allowing players to freeze the action, zoom, filter, alter the depth of field and take burst shots.

After focusing on nature and landscapes, the photographer turned his gaze to urban environments. With a light-hearted yet meticulous approach, he wandered through imaginary urban neighbourhoods, mainly in a fantasised Hong Kong, to focus his lens on their specific architecture. Backed by AI-generated music, his shots offer a contemplation of matter, light, and texture, at times rivalling the real thing.



Pascal Greco, from the series Urbain Altéré, 2024 © Pascal Greco

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