Annual Reports


The year 2020 has been rich in challenges for Photo Elysée, as it has been for everyone, on a large and small scale, all over the world.

Our institution has experienced many beautiful moments during the past year. It has taken up major challenges and orchestrated events filled with emotion. But it has also encountered obstacles and experienced doubts. 2020 has truly been a year of hot and cold. Yet, as we look back on it today, it has also been a tremendous opportunity to test our skills, creativity and solidarity.

We began the year by taking a gentle stroll among the works in the collections at the artgenève fair, thanks to a swing from the LabElysée experimental laboratory. René Burri, Explosions of Sight, an exhibition as rich and abundant as the artist to whom it was dedicated, had just opened its doors to the delight of its many Swiss and foreign admirers.

reGeneration4, the last project planned for the museum’s current location before its move to Plateforme 10, Lausanne’s new arts district, was in the final stages of organizing the display of works and the arrival of artists for its opening. In the attic and storerooms, the staff responsible for the work on the collections site, with their eyes riveted on the calendar, continued the titanic task of recollecting and packaging the works, while others contributed tirelessly to the construction of the Photo Elysée – mudac building that would house them.