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View & Data
29.03 – 02.06.2024
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The View & Data exhibition is the result of a research project revolving around the question of data, headed by artist-photographer Aurélie Pétrel and philosopher Fabien Vallos, in collaboration with two schools, the HEAD Geneva and the ENSP Arles.

This research analyzes the implications of the concept of "data" in the fields of art, contemporary photography and theory. It can be summed up in two main points: first, that data alone cannot produce any system whatsoever of representation of the world; and second, that it is preferable–according to Catherine Malabou's theories–to attempt to give it plasticity. This means granting it the possibility of a form rather than a value.

The final phase of the project is the exhibition, which brings together everything that has been produced, collected and conceived of as part of the research. It should be seen as a form and an image. As a form, it is that of a sort of "container" in which Aurélie Pétrel and Fabien Vallos have deposited works, objects and comments. As an image, it represents the plasticity of the data and the infinite number of possible links between all of the elements present.

The structure of the exhibition, conceptualized and produced by Dieudonné Cartier, includes works by Aurélie Pétrel, some 50 objects collected by Aurélie Pétrel and Fabien Vallos, and over 100 commentaries produced in collaboration with students in the Fig. Laboratory at the ENSP Arles and the Visual Arts CCC Master's Program at the HEAD Geneva. All this work has been brought together in a catalogue published for the occasion.

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Exhibition with the support of the BNP Paribas Switzerland Foundation and the Federal Office of Culture (FOC).