The Cercle

The Cercle brings together an active network of photography and art loving patrons. By forming strong bonds with Photo Elysée, the Circle contributes to its influence and development.

Thanks to members’ subscriptions and donations, the Cercle supports the museum’s ambitious projects and enables it to broaden the range of events and exhibitions it offers to the public. Throughout the year, the Cercle organizes a wide range of activities for its members in order to establish fruitful relationships with the world of photography and art.


Donations are tax-deductible

  • Solo: CHF 1’000
  • Duo: CHF 1’500
  • Company: CHF 5’000
  • Donations

Online subscriptions are temporarily suspended. You will find our contacts and bank details below to become a member or renew your membership.


As a member of the Cercle, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • A private viewing with the artists and curators for each exhibition
  • Exclusive introductions to VIPs from the world of photography
  • A trip in Switzerland or abroad focused on photography, reserved for Cercle members
  • Free Photo Elysée publications
  • A 10% discount at the museum's bookshop and a 30% discount on the museum’s publications
  • Invitations to events and special discount rates for the activities and workshops on offer
  • Free admission or special rates for partner institutions in Switzerland and abroad

Contact and bank details


IBAN: CH41 0876 0000 0406 3850 0
Le Cercle de Photo Elysée
Banque Lombard Odier & Cie, 1204 Genève

Members list

Photo Elysée warmly thanks its patrons

Cercle Committee
Camilla Rochat (president)
Maud Carrard (vice-president)
Tatiana Hervieu-Causse (treasurer)
François Kaiser (secretary)
Nathalie et Arnaud Brunel
Luc Estenne
Nicole Gaulis
Simon Johnson
Marina Siegwart
Erol Toker
Monique Vernet

Cercle Members
Françoise Adam
Philippe et Catarina Amon
Marc et Nathalie Berrebi
Philippe et Antonie Bertherat
Jean-Christophe Blaser
Laure Boulay de la Meurthe
Robert et Janet Briner
Sylvie Buhagiar
Abigael de Buys
Jean-Pierre et Monique Clavien
Alexandra Cook
Richard de Tscharner
Françoise Demierre Morand
Pierre Dreyfus
Nicholas Elton
Luc Estenne
Jean-Claude Falciola et Béatrice Helg
Patrick et Perrine Fenal
Isabelle Fleisch et Antoine Maillard
Eric Franck et Louise Baring
Charles et Céline Fribourg
Jean-Claude Gandur
Martine Gauderon Alec
Etienne Gaulis
Daniel Girardin
François Goumaz et Tatiana Grandjean
Catherine Haccius
Bénédict Hentsch
Yves Hervieu-Causse
Andreas et Rosalie Hoffmann
Jean-Conrad Hottinger
Frank William et Régina Hugi
Elisabeth Janssens
Gabrielle Johnson
Meri Kaiser
Guillaume et Danielle Lejoindre
Fabienne Levy Dente
Blaise Meyrat
Henry et Ana Morgan
Christopher Mouravieff-Apostol
Françoise Müller
Isabelle et Leslie Naggar
Alain Nicod
Harald et Gil Nieuwland
Philippe Nordmann
Gabriel Perahia
Edgar Philippin
Christian Pirker
Jean-Marc et Elza Reymond
Jacky et Ruth Rezzonico
Ivan Rivier
Jean-Philippe Rochat
Marie-Louise Stoffel
Simon Studer
Della Tamari
Isabelle de la Touche
Olivier Vernet
And generous anonymous sponsors

Cercle Company Members
Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA