LabElysée is the museum’s space dedicated to digital culture. A living laboratory at the heart of the museum, LabElysée questions the way that a cultural institution dedicated to photography plays with new technologies. At a time when Internet has become a creative tool, LabElysée invites the visitor, to the museum and online, to follow and contribute to the development of the photography museum of the future.

  • LabElysée is a living laboratory where the visitor can live and experience the digital world at the heart of the museum.
  • LabElysée is both physical and virtual.
  • LabElysée is flexible, versatile, modular and reactive.
  • LabElysée tests and questions the changes brought about by the digitization of society.
  • LabElysée is a catalyst for encounters.
  • LabElysée highlights the innovative projects sponsored by the museum.
  • LabElysée encourages the visitor to view photography with a critical eye.
  • LabElysée invites the visitor to shape the museum of the future.

Digital Plateforme 10

A prefiguration program

Prior to their move in the fall of 2021, Photo Elysée and mudac were present at Plateforme 10 through three innovative projects: LCD, Narrative Focus and Interactive Replicas. These three installations, developed by INT studio as part of a residency, each explore a way of interacting with digitized works.

Practical information

The installations can be seen in the arcades of Plateforme 10, from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Free entrance

LCD - Lumina Chroma Data

How to navigate simultaneously in the museum collections while giving meaning to the search?

LCD proposes to go beyond the traditional search by keywords, dates or authors by means of a relation of the works by the color. The sculpture highlights the interrogation of the database. By immersion, the visitor finds himself immersed in the collections of photography and design. He discovers on the screens the two objects closest to the chosen color.

The background projection displays the database images in a mosaic and indicates where the works are located in the color spectrum. The color wheel hanging in the center and the mechanics come to life to illustrate the path taken to reach the chosen color.

Works: selection of works from the collections of Photo Elysée and the mudac.

Discover more images and videos on INT studio website.

Narative focus

How does our gaze influence information and how does information influence our gaze?

Unlike a classic audio guide, Narrative Focus proposes a non-linear form of sound narration, driven by eye movement. This device invites the visitor to dive into the photographs and obtain information about the work and its context. By staring at an area of the image, he triggers comments and can listen to the author talk about his work. A slight zoom, allows the visitor to channel his gaze and focus on a key element.

Narrative focus is an evolution of the Eye Tracking project developed at Photo Elysée on photographs by Matthias Bruggmann and Paolo Woods. This new version presents a sound journey around the works of Laurence Rasti, Yann Gross and Léo Fabrizio (in alternation). The path followed by the gaze is recorded anonymously in order to study how visitors observe the images.

Works: a selection of photographs from the Photo Elysée collection.

Interactive Replicas

How to make digital replicas of artworks tangible?

Interactive replicas is a tactile device that allows visitors to discover design objects. By manipulating 3D printed miniatures, visitors can interact with the digitized work on screen, exploring it from every angle to reveal details of its form and texture.

Eight objects from the mudac’s design and ceramics collections have been digitized in three dimensions. They will be presented alternately in groups of four. Visitors will be able to discover the work of Nicolas Delaroche, Aldo Bakker, Edouard Chapallaz, Nicolas Lemoigne, Big Game, Martin Hyde, Philippe Barde and Gaetano Pesce in the form of an experiment.

Works: a selection of objects from the mudac collection.

A program and space

The LabElysée presents several projects per year in the eponymous space located on the exhibition floor, as well as numerous off-site projects.

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The LabElysée receives the generous support of Fondation BNP Paribas Suisse, the Fondation Bru and the Federal Office of Culture (FOC).