Under Your Smell

ECAL x Jean Paul Gaultier
03.03 – 21.05.2023

This spring, Photo Elysée presents the exhibition Under Your Smell, a truly immersive experience exploring notions of beauty, identity and gender. Under the direction of Florence Tétier (Jean Paul Gaultier's creative director) and Nicolas Coulomb (photographer and consultant for Novembre Magazine), students of the Bachelor Photography of the ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne offer a visual interpretation of Jean Paul Gaultier's perfumes.

The brand's Scandal perfumes are at the heart of the installation. The young photographers have deployed this subject by creating still lifes with contrasting textures: liquid, dry, organic and inert, evoking the components of the essences and the design of the bottles. In a series of staged images, perfumes become the backdrop for stories of transgressions and fantastical projections.

Under Your Smell offers a hypnotic and immersive experience through monumental fabric prints, taking over the spaces of Photo Elysée. Giant image cushions invite the public to lie down to celebrate gender diversity and new definitions of beauty and body expression.


Dominique Bartels
Julie Corday
Diego Fellmann
Florian Hilt
Samara Krähenbühl
Angèle Marignac-Serra
Lisa Mazenauer
Marvin Merkel
Inès Mermoud
Basil Pérot
Yolane Rais
Camille Spiller
Gwendoline Albasini
Tony Altermatt
Matteo Angelé
Laure Brandford Griffith
Noa Chevalley
Sara De Brito Faustino
Yann Difford
Jessica Dreier
Valerie Geissbühler
Eloïse Genoud
Ulises Lozano
Louis Michel
Yan Miranda
Lea Sblandano
Samuel Spreyz
Gaétan Uldry
Antoine Woeffray

Exhibition views



Milo Keller
Florence Tétier
Nicolas Coulomb

ECAL Director

Alexis Georgacopoulos

Head of Bachelor of Photography

Milo Keller


Calypso Mahieu

Technical Manager

Antoine Vauthey


Antoine Martin
Lisa Mazenauer
Angèle Marignac-Serra