Mathieu Bernard-Reymond × La Muette

D'après Ramuz
03.11.2023 – 25.02.2024
Le Signal L

In this photographic exploration, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond (France, 1976) has chosen to combine extracts from the writings of C. F. Ramuz with image-generating artificial intelligence tools.

In D’après Ramuz, a project initiated by La Muette – literary spaces, he gives form to the mental images that are shaped when reading a text, gradually transforming them into a visual reality.



Mathieu Bernard-Reymond

Mathieu Bernard-Reymond is a Franco-Swiss photographer born in Gap (France) in 1976. He is a graduate of the Institut d'études politiques de Grenoble and of the Formation supérieure en photographie du CEPV in Vevey. His practice is broadened by generative technologies and data manipulation.

Le Signal L

Located in the extension of the Arcadia restaurant, Plateforme 10's venue Signal L gives artists the chance to showcase our corner of the country, the Canton of Vaud, each in their own way and style.

Several times a year, an artist is invited to come and take a cross-sectional look at an institution or event in French-speaking Switzerland to broaden and vary the scope of Plateforme 10's artistic action, extending beyond fine arts, design and photography.

With the support of the Leenaards Foundation.

Exhibition views



The project is being carried out in collaboration with La Muette - literary spaces, a museum project dedicated to C.F. Ramuz and literature, based on the writer's study in his family home in the heart of Pully's old town.


The exhibition is generously supported by the Fondation Leenaards and the Fondation BNP Paribas Switzerland.