Jagoda Wisniewska × Arsenic

You went in the water
30.06 – 27.08.2023
Le Signal L

Artist Jagoda Wisniewska (1987) takes over Plateforme 10's Signal L espace with "You Went in the Water", at the invitation of Photo Elysée in collaboration with Arsenic .

She is interested in the perception of the female body and representations of female sexual and reproductive functions (sexual intercourse, menstruation, birth and breast-feeding). The female body, exposed and sexualised, is also hidden, described by Jean-Paul Sartre as "a series of wet holes and slimy substances". Simultaneously provoking desire and disgust, this "wetness" is both invigorating and threatening.

In this work, Jagoda Wisniewska explores the relationship between photography and performance. She came across the work of choreographer and dancer Tamara Alegre, and suggested that she use the presence of the camera (and the photographer) as an accomplice in experimenting with the representation of the body and its fluids.



Jagoda Wisniewska

Born in Bydgoszcz, Poland, in 1987, Jagoda Wisniewska studied photography at Napier University in Edinburgh, and then at the ECAL. Her work focuses on concepts of performativity and portraiture. Her projects examine the roles attributed to women, especially in the domestic realm, and explore the age-old fascination for the mother figure and its representations in photography.

Tamara Alegre

Tamara Alegre works with dance and choreography. Born in Gran Canaria, they studied European Business and Psychology and worked as a curator of underground music, DJ and tour manager until 2016. In 2018, they were awarded an MA in Choreography from the DOCH, Stockholm, and created FIEBRE with Lydia Ö Diakité, Marie Ursin, Nunu Flashdem and Célia Lutangu. The work has been presented at several European venues and won the Young Choreographer’s Award in 2021. Their research revolves around sensual embodiments, fiction on sexuality and sexual organs, and liminal physical states as choreographic tools. Their work epitomises and is charged with resistance, intensity and the joy of dancing with others.

Exhibition views

Le Signal L

Located in the extension of the Arcadia restaurant, Plateforme 10's venue Signal L gives artists the chance to showcase our corner of the country, the Canton of Vaud, each in their own way and style.

Several times a year, an artist is invited to come and take a cross-sectional look at an institution or event in French-speaking Switzerland to broaden and vary the scope of Plateforme 10's artistic action, extending beyond fine arts, design and photography.

With the support of the Leenards Foundation.


A collaboration with the Arsenic

This project is organised in collaboration with the Arsenic, an art centre dedicated to contemporary creation in dance, theatre and performance. As a laboratory and platform for Swiss and international co-productions, its programming and support policy encourage new ideas and aesthetics from an ambitious family of artists. As a venue for discovery, it offers a broad access to contemporary performing arts with its open approach and affordable prices.


The exhibition is generously supported by the Fondation Leenaards and the Federal Office of Culture.