The Nominees' Book 2021

Editor Photo Elysée and Scheidegger & Spiess
Publication date 2021
Dimensions 23.5 x 32 cm
Number of pages 152
ISBN 978-3-03942-013-1
Price CHF 36.-

Published by Photo Elysée, this book presents the nominees' projects of the fourth edition of the Prix Elysée. Alexa Brunet, the duo Arguiñe Escandón and Yann Gross, Magali Koenig, Thomas Mailaender, Moises Saman, Assaf Shoshan, Alys Tomlinson and Kurt Tong were selected by the museum from among more than 255 candidates from all over the world. They each received a contribution of CHF 5,000 and were given carte blanche to launch a new project, the initial results of which are brought together in this collective publication.

Each nominee of the Prix Elysée 2021 offers the reader an unprecedented immersion in a work in progress. Involving notes of intent, first drafts, photographic studies and sometimes sketches of the dream publication, the eight projects take shape according to the singularity of their respective authors at a decisive stage of their professional career, that of mid-career.

Under the direction of Tatyana Franck. Interviews conducted by Lydia Dorner.

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