Editor Musée de l’Elysée & Skira editore
Publication date 2015
Dimensions 22 x 30 cm
Number of pages 176 pages
ISBN 978-2-88350-108-9
Price CHF 59.- / 55 €

Supervised by Anne Lacoste and Lydia Dorner

reGeneration3 brings together fifty artists with twenty-five different nationalities, representing some forty art institutions. Their work is distinguished by their multidisciplinarity, ranging from printing and photographic series, artists’ books, multimedia installations, videos, projections, films and performances, to on-site installations.

The format of the book devoted to reGeneration3 takes the ever-growing popularity of the photography book into account. The book is designed by graphic artists from the SUPERO studios and co-produced by Skira editore. It testifies to the museum’s interest in artists’ books and to its commitment to giving priority to the image. The integration of augmented reality in the two versions of the book – French and English –
allows access to the video and multimedia works presented in the exhibition.

The texts can be found at the end of the book. They include a postface by Tatyana Franck, the presentation of this new edition by Anne Lacoste, and biographical and descriptive notes concerning the works of the 50 artists chosen, written by Lydia Dorner, Emilie Delcambre and Saida Bondini.

The book is published at the occasion of the exhibition reGeneration3 Which Approaches to Photography? from May 29 to August 23, 2015 in the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne.

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