The Photomobile Elysée has come to an end!

After two seasons and nearly 3'000 kilometers travelled, it is time for the Photomobile Elysée to close its tour.

From November 2020 to December 2021, during the temporary closure of the museum while we moved to Plateforme 10, the Photomobile Elysée allowed us to meet schools and specialized institutions of the Canton of Vaud.

The Photomobile in a few figures:

  • 2'737 participants from 4 to 104 years old
  • 162 workshops realized
  • 2'954 kilometers traveled in the canton of Vaud
  • 1'250 labels distributed for the photographs of the workshop "Hors cadre"
  • 157 color photographs taken during the "Lumière et Trichromie" workshop

L'Elysée hors champ

Dive into the workshops offered by the Photomobile Elysée by discovering the articles on our online journal (in French only).

The Photomobile Elysée in video

"During its relocation phase, Photo Elysée explores the canton of Vaud with its Photomobile, a van that crisscrosses the roads and offers fun workshops and discovery of the world of photography to schools and specialized institutions.

"Hors cadre" workshop

"On the board, one of the two mediators draws around the image as indicated by the participants. 'Sometimes they imagine a plane or rain! We don't restrict them. So much the better if they suggest something crazy! We try to get them to question what is coherent, but there is no right or wrong answer.'"

"Lumière et Trichromie" workshop

What do the students participating in the Photomobile Elysée's "Lumière et Trichromie" workshop discover? "They will now learn how 19th century scientists unlocked the mystery of color and applied it to photography. The guessing game continues. When was the first color photograph taken? The categorical - and surprising - answer from the participants: '1990!' When told that it was much earlier, they offer: 'In 1500!' The correct answer is somewhere in between... in 1861.'"

"Mes identités numériques" workshop

"How many times a day does a teenager take pictures of themselves with his smartphone? How do they present themselves on social networks and what relationship do they have with their image on the Internet?" Created by the Fotomuseum Winterthur and offered by the Photomobile Elysée, the workshop "Mes identités numériques", explores these themes with students aged 12 to 15. It aims to develop a critical reflection on the photographic images we produce on a daily basis and on our rights when we post them on applications.


The Photomobile Elysée project is generously supported by the Fondation Le Cèdre, the Fondation Coromandel, the Fondation Ernst Göhner, the Fondation Françoise Champoud, the Fondation Arpe and the Pour-cent culturel Migros.

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The shop's Christmas selection

The holidays are fast approaching, and we've got you covered!

A varied Christmas selection of photographic books and design objects awaits you in the Photo Elysée and mudac bookshop.

Photographic books

  • Patti Smith, Une saison en enfer, Arthur Rimbaud, 1873, Gallimard
  • À l'est, du nouveau, Kometa, No1 / Imperialism
  • Alexa Brunet, Felix Tréguer, Odyssée 2.0, Le bec en l'air
  • F&D Cartier, JOURNAL singulier RAYONMAN, Art & fiction
  • Paolo Roversi, Des oiseaux, Atelier EXB

Design objects

  • Christmas bauble, Magma, Antoine Fœglé and Emma Pflieger (Keep it Flat - Space is the place exhibition) CIAV Meisenthal special edition
  • Longchamp bag × mudac
  • Porcelain pieces, Hello! Help! series, Sylvie Godel, Lausanne artist and ceramist.
  • Satellite vase, Shizuka Saito, available in blue or yellow (to be confirmed)
  • Canards du Léman scarf, Maison & Maison, reissued 2023 for mudac

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Ella Maillart at the Musée Rath

Through a selection of photographs, articles, books and documents, this exhibition invites visitors to rediscover Ella Maillart's exceptional career. Sportswoman, traveller, lecturer and journalist, she never ceased to defend her vision of "world unity".

Much more than a tribute, and far from nostalgic commemorations, this exhibition also aims to create new intergenerational dialogues and to consider the human being in its individual as well as collective complexity.

Anne-Julie Raccoursier and Pauline Julier, two artists with very distinct personalities, take up the challenge: avid travelers themselves, their approaches, oscillating between reality and fiction, in turn deconstruct clichés.

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