Concrete Horsemen

Concrete Horsemen

Cian Oba-Smith (IE/NE, 1992)
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In our collective imaginary, does a cowboy look more like Clint Eastwood or Idris Elba?

In the US, African American contributions to horse culture have often been overlooked, and yet African Americans have bred and ridden horses throughout the country for the past few centuries. In North Philadelphia, where 97% of the population is African American and over 50% live below the poverty line, there has been a lineage of black urban horsemen for over a century.

Cian Oba-Smith met the small fellowship of men and teenagers who bond over their love of horses. They also invest their time in a community project welcoming the town’s youngsters in a safe space. The portraits aim to challenge the erasure of black history perpetuated by the white establishment, as well as common stereotypes over race and class.

Cian Oba-Smith, from the series Concrete Horsemen, 2016 © Cian Oba-Smith

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