Gilles Caron, The Conflict Within

30.01 – 12.05.2013

Gilles Caron embodies the ideal of the heroic reporter. Whilst proclaiming the presence of a developing crisis within his profession, the side effects on a human scale of his heroic engagements are clearly expressed though his images. The Conflict Within of Caron is also one of an entire generation : what is the purpose of his action? Furthermore, do his images provide a valid testimony of the truths they aim to unveil? For Caron, the war is in front of the camera as well as within himself.

The exhibition Gilles Caron The Conflict Within will feature over 150 images and unpublished archival documents from the Fondation Gilles Caron, the Musée de l’Elysée, and from private collections. Through these archival documents - a selection of negatives, contact sheets, and historical clippings - the exhibition helps us rediscover one of the most important photojournalists of the mid-twentieth century.

Curated by Michel Poivert, Professor at University Paris 1 Panthéon–Sorbonne and Jean-Christophe Blaser, Curator at the Musée de l’Elysée, the exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Fondation Gilles Caron and supported by the Fondation Bru. It recieves the support of the Embassy of France in Switzerland.

Trailer of the movie Gilles Caron, the Conflict Within
(featured in the exhibition).

the exhibitions contains shocking images. The exhibition is not advised for sensitive people and young children.