The Nominees' Book 2018-2020

Editor Photo Elysée Editions
Publication date 2019
Dimensions 23.5 x 32 cm
Number of pages 136
ISBN 978-2-88350-115-7
Price CHF 36

Published by Photo Elysée, this book presents the projects of the third Prix Elysée’s eight nominees. Laia Abril, Mathieu Asselin, Claude Baechtold, Alexandra Catiere, Alinka Echeverría, Gregory Halpern, Nicola Lo Calzo and Luis Carlos Tovar were selected by the museum from among almost 325 candidates from all over the world. They each received a contribution of CHF 5 000 and were given carte blanche to launch a new project, the initial results of which are brought together in this collective publication. A kind of "making-of", this collective book aims to highlight the production side of the projects by focusing on models, ideas, diagrams, preparatory images and other exchanges between artists and curators.

For this third edition, Photo Elysée lifts the veil on the creative processes of the eight nominees of the 2018-2020 Prix Elysée.