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Photo Elysée, the new identity of the Musée de l'Elysée

Étroitement liée à notre déménagement à Plateforme 10, notre nouvelle identité place la photographie au centre. Photo Elysée, à travers un jeu sémantique et graphique, invite à voir – à voir différemment et à voir plus loin. The new identity in video L'Elysée hors champ "There was one prerequisite: not...

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The Photomobile Elysée has come to an end!

"During its relocation phase, Photo Elysée explores the canton of Vaud with its Photomobile, a van that crisscrosses the roads and offers fun workshops and discovery of the world of photography to schools and specialized institutions."On the board, one of the two mediators draws around the image what the participants...

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David Douglas Duncan Donation

An exceptional donation "After Alice Pauli's donation of three photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Martine Franck representing Alberto Giacometti, Balthus, and Arpad Szenes and Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, this donation is exceptional in more ways than one for Photo Elysée," emphasizes Tatyana Franck. "It allows us to enrich our...

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Farewell, Tatyana !

Director's note "I am leaving the museum to take on new professional challenges that promise to be as exciting as the rich experience I have had at Photo Elysée. These seven years spent at the service of the museum, its influence and culture in the broadest sense have been very...

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Nathalie Herschdorfer is the New Director of Photo Elysée

A quote by Nathalie Herschdorfer "I am delighted to return to the museum and take over its management as it opens a new chapter in its history. From now on, photography will no longer be isolated, but will interact with other arts. Within this new dynamic cultural center for Lausanne...

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Plateforme 10 support to Ukraine

Artists' list Gera Artemova (1973, Kyiv) Website Facebook Alexander Chekmenev (1969, Luhansk) Website Facebook Vitaly Fomenko (1983, Sevastopol, Crimea) Website Instagram Facebook Maria Kazvan (1989, Lviv) Website Instagram Olena Lemberska (1970, Kyiv) Website Instagram Facebook Anna Melnykova (1972, Kharhiv) Website Instagram Facebook Mikhail Palinchak (1985, Uzhgorod) Website Instagram Facebook Viktoria...

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Tony Oursler Anomalous

ANOMALOUS In the early 1980s I became keenly interested in abduction myths. Somehow pop culture was saturated with low grade science fiction such as Star Wars which seemed to me to be a Disney-esque admixture of cowboys and Indians. I loved the possibilities of SciFi as a form of pop...

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Inauguration of Plateforme 10

A word from Nathalie Herschdorfer "These two inauguration days were exceptional. What a joy it was to see the public tread the ground of our new spaces for the first time! Plateforme 10 is an extraordinary place that raises Lausanne to the rank of cultural capital, in Switzerland and abroad....

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