Inauguration of Plateforme 10

Let's look back at two exceptional inauguration days!

More than 30,000 of you braved the heat wave to join us for the inauguration weekend of Plateforme 10 and the new building of Photo Elysée and mudac (Musée cantonal de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains), alongside the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (MCBA).

A word from Nathalie Herschdorfer

“These two inauguration days were exceptional. What a joy it was to see the public tread the ground of our new spaces for the first time! Plateforme 10 is an extraordinary place that raises Lausanne to the rank of cultural capital, in Switzerland and abroad. I am happy to see Photo Elysée finally join this ambitious new arts district alongside mudac and MCBA, and I am already looking forward to the synergies to come between photography, design and fine arts. Thank you all for your presence at this historic moment!”

Nathalie Herschdorfer, director

Horaires d'ouverture

As of today, Monday, June 20, our museum is open as follows:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10am-6pm
  • Thursday: 10am-8pm
  • Tuesday: closed


A special rate is available for the entire inaugural period, which runs until September 25, 2022.

The ticket “Plateforme 10 – 3 museums” is available for CHF 15.- (instead of 25.-) and allows you to visit all exhibitions of the three museums. Valid for three months, it is transferable from one visit to the next and is also available in a duo version for a visit by two or with the family.

Admission to the museum is free for people under 26!

Other news


Tony Oursler Anomalous

While Science Fiction was never far from the horrific fear of the unknown, it seemed to have been colonized by blue eyed soft-core fantasies played out on the Hollywood screen. In the liminal spaces of rural and suburban America, something else was taking place which involved half remembered subjugation and violation. It was as if the synthesized, nonstop party of the late 70s, fueled by amnesic soporifics had transformed its disco lights and ubiquitous mirror ball into an alien anhedonic nightmare.

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Plateforme 10 support to Ukraine

Plateforme 10 affirms its solidarity with the artists and the Ukrainian population affected by the war.

Photo Elysée, the MCBA and the mudac present the works of 8 Ukrainian artists. Carole Glauser Pidoux, curator of the exhibition Photo Kyiv 2021, has created the corpus of images and ensured the link with the artists.

Artistic creation and the freedom it presupposes, only have meaning in the broader context of the fundamental right to life, to individual freedom and expression and the right of peoples to self-determination.

Through this symbolic action, Plateforme 10 wishes to express its solidarity with the artists and with all those who, today, in Ukraine as elsewhere, are deprived of these rights or are engaged in defending them at the risk of their lives.

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